The Felch House

The Beginning of the Story . . .

The Felch House Inn, circa 1927 is one of the few named historic homes in Phoenix’s Roosevelt District.  The house is full of rich history and tons of original features and its charm will warm you like grandma’s quilt.

In 1927 a prominent and forward-thinking county Doctor, Harry J. Felch, was the first occupant of 525 W Lynwood Street in Phoenix.  Dr. Felch had a great love for Phoenix, and for farming.  He owned all the property from the home site west to Nineteenth Avenue, and north to Thomas. 

Dr. Felch and his wife Bessie (Disney) Felch reared their three children in the home, and occupied it until the mid- 1940s.  Their daughter, Virginia called Phoenix her home her entire life.  Prior to her death she was a welcomed and honored guest at the Lynwood house. The highlights of her visits with us were the amazing stories she shared with us about the family, their home and life in the early days of Phoenix history.  You will find a collection of them on our blog page. 

Although the house features and fixtures are original for the most part, the home has been lovingly maintained and restored through the years.  According to Ms. Felch three architects worked in collaboration on the design of the home which includes 4 bedrooms, maid’s quarter with a private bath, and a carriage house which the Bomgardner’s use as a catering kitchen when their social events call for it.   

 We love its history and count ourselves blessed to be owners of this home.  We would welcome the opportunity to share it with you call us and set up a private tour. 

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